Door Stoppers for Bottom of Door - 4 Pack Door Stops with Soft Rubber Tips Wall Protector Heavy Duty Solid Rigid Door Stoppers, White

Quick Overview
  • ERY EASY TO INSTALL´╝Ü The doorstop is easy to install on your baseboard with a convenient screw-in design. Doorstop is extremely easy to install within 1 minute. All you need is a screwdriver or driller. can drill a small pilot hole to make it easier to screw into place. Under the rubber tip is a slot for a screwdriver which was a great idea. It is easy to drill this in with a wrench.
  • PROTECT YOUR INTERIOR, EXTERIOR DOORS, AND WALLS FROM DAMAGE - Solid door stops prevent wall damage when opening a door. This white baseboard doorstop is used to prevent a door from opening too far and allowing a door knob or door lever to damage nearby walls, cabinetry, or moldings. Instead of hitting your nice walls, the door will hit the bumper of the doorstop when opened. The rubber tip will absorb the impact from the door and protect both your door and wall from getting damaged.
  • HIGH-QUALITY SOLID AND DURABLE -Our Door Stop Is Made Of Durable, And High-Quality Zinc Alloy. 4 door stops with 4 anchors in total. Tipped with a resilient rubber guard, each bumper stem contains a hexagon section to facilitate fastening without damaging the finish. Base diameter: 1" Length: 2-7/8".It was just the right size and easy to install, perfect back of the door stopper
  • MODERN & CLASSIC DESIGN - These door stoppers are bright and shiny. Minimalist and sleek, this rigid door stop is a polished door stop option. Clean lines. Fine paint finish. They are threaded on one end and have a rubber tip on the other. You Can Even Give Them To Family Or Friends For The Perfect Housewarming Gift.
  • RELIABLE QUALITY: Four doorstops are included in the package, so you can protect multiple doors and walls around your house. Ideal for the bedroom, office, bathroom, or pretty much any room in your home. With a rubber tip, your doors and walls will be protected from the swing of a door. save your walls from door knob dents!