WINONLY Magnetic Door Stop Catch: 2 Pack Floor Mount Stronger Door Stoppers Holder Keep Door Open, Heavy Duty Doorstop Wall Protector with Double Sided Tape Screws for Modern Home Office Decoration

Quick Overview
  • Stronger Magnet Keeps Door Open - Have you ever struggled to hold open a door while carrying heavy shopping bags, or had to search for a chair to prop open a stubborn door? WINONLY Magnetic Door Stoppers make it easy. Simply open the door gently, and the strong magnet in the base will keep it firmly in place, leaving you free to move around. This not only saves you hassle but also provides added safety for kids and pets who may be at risk of injury when doors close unexpectedly.
  • Quiet & Anti-Collision - WINONLY magnetic door stops are designed for quiet and anti-collision use. Each stop features a rubber buffer that stops and holds any door softly and silently, reducing wall damage and eliminating disturbing sounds. In addition, it protects equipment behind the door from collision and wear, such as washing machines and cabinets. The brushed stainless steel floor mount door catch is modern, sturdy, rust-proof, and compact, making it a great choice for any home or office.
  • 2-Way Easy to Installation - The WINONLY magnetic door stopper catch can be installed in two ways: drilling or non-drilling. If you don't want to damage your floor, you can choose the non-drilling method which involves using double-sided tape. But note that the double-sided tape method is only suitable for flat and smooth surfaces and cannot be used on carpets. Before installation, be sure to clean both the floor and the bottom of the stopper with rubbing alcohol to ensure better adhesion.
  • Please Read Carefully - WINONLY doorstops are only suitable for gaps between 0.08 inches and 1.57 inches. Be sure to measure your door gap before purchasing. If the gap is larger than 1.57 inches, the door may slide over and the stopper will not be effective. Our strong magnetic door stopper is ideal for heavy-duty doors such as a barn or sliding doors. It can be used on the bottom, top, and sides of the door, and can even be installed on the wall to function as a snowboard/skateboard bracket.
  • 24h Online Service - At WINONLY, we are committed to providing excellent customer service and support. If you have any questions or concerns about our magnetic door stoppers, please don't hesitate to contact us. We value your feedback and suggestions and will do our best to help you. Additionally, we offer a range of styles and functions to suit your specific needs. For more options, please visit the WINONLY store to browse. Thank you for choosing WINONLY for your magnetic door stopper needs.